In 1923 Jimmy Heuser had a dream of opening a hardware store in downtown Jeffersonville, along with Frank Stutzenberger and Willard Heuser.  They started with $2000 dollars and this motto.  “We will work together doing our best to give the public perfect satisfaction there by assuring ourselves success”. – September 1st 1923.

They opened the doors on the corner of 8th and spring then moved to its current location at 523 Spring Street in 1930.

The hardware store has seen many changes in its 94 years.  The construction of 4 bridges…  The great depression… a recession… the 1937 food.

We’ve had owners in World War 2, the Korean conflict and Army Reserve during the Vietnam War.

We’ve had 11 owners in 94 years.  The average ownership is about 38 years.  My brother and I bought in the business in 2007.  We are very proud to be listed with all the men before us and to carry on the dream that Jimmy Heuser had.

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